Written by: Ghada Kamel Alsheikh
Supervised and reviewed by: Banan Abu ZainEddin
Translated by: Kristina Kaghdo

The Covid-19 pandemic imposed a new reality on the whole world, and cast its shadow and negative effects on different groups, most notably women, girls and the most marginalized groups. Although there is a lack of statistics and documentation on the various effects of the pandemic on the lives of women in Jordan on various levels and in various sectors, some of the available statistics, reports and facts give a disturbing picture of the reality of those living in lockdown conditions. This said, Takatoat produced this report to shed light on the most prominent challenges and difficulties facing women and girls in Jordan: citizens, refugees, and migrant workers, including the worsening economic crisis, decreased accessibility to health needs and sexual and reproductive health services, stress, increasing rates of violence in all its forms, and the weakness, and many cases absence, of frameworks that ensure social, economic and health protection.


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