This annual report was collected and narrated by Takatoat’s team and members. Asha Athman (Takatoat Team Member) wrote the report in English with a foreword from Banan AbuZainEddin (Executive Director), and Lamees Azar (Takatoat Team Member) translated it to Arabic. 

In 2023, Takatoat reached 1,425 women and girls through our different community building, learning, and knowledge production activities. 521 women and girls were active members in our community this year. Among these active members are volunteers, community coordinators, and routine activity participants who engage in diverse ways with Takatoat. Their presence and contributions range from producing digital media content, to partaking in research studies, to organising and attending community learning programs and events. 

Women and girls from across South-west Asia and North Africa joined us in producing knowledge resources including research studies and original publications, and in sharing their knowledge as part of learning programmes and community events that Takatoat hosted this year.  In 2023, We were joined by women and girls in our online and offline activities from Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Tunisia, and Yemen. 

We are blessed to have been enriched by the solidarity, love, and knowledge conveyed through shared experience with this community in the last year. In working toward strengthening local and regional feminist networks, we hope that we can gradually nurture and deepen bonds with the women and girls that we connect and learn with from year to year.