Conducted and Transcribed the Interviews: Aya Al-Taher, Saja Ikmail, Ghadeer Maher
Edited the content: Ghadeer Ahmed
Supervision by: Banan AbuZainEddin
Translation: Haneen Abu Neel
Release date: 25-11-2021

As women living in the Arab area, feminism has always been present in our awareness. We may not have understood the concept or used the term, but we were able to approach it whenever we asked ourselves, “Why are our circumstances as women in our countries that bad?”
We collected the experiences of feminist women from different parts of the region during the 16 Days Campaign in 2021. We discussed feminism, their public activism, their personal lives, and their feminist aspirations and hopes. Then we wrote a series of texts that tell their individual stories. We were able to create Arabic content with them by delving into the depths of our Arab context. Each of their struggles yielded knowledge, demonstrating that our concerns and goals are common, regardless of our geographical location or how far our borders separate us.
This file contains this material, which we have reorganized and gathered into one file; we hope you have an enjoyable reading experience.

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