Written by: Tala Ramadan
reviewed by: Banan Abu ZainEddin
translated by: Kristina kaghdo
release date: 30-9-2021

Takatoat organized the Regional Feminist School from mid-August to mid-September 2021, inviting women between the ages of 21 and 35 from Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon to participate online and provide a reciprocal space for feminists to encourage trust and openness to criticism, as well as activate the voice of women in academic learning.
The month-long program had about 23 participants and over 24 feminist activists, experts, and feminist academics who shared their knowledge about feminism and gender-based violence.
As they were familiarised with Takatoat’s Regional Feminist School, which was established in collaboration with Nazra for Feminist Studies, via an examination of the case study prepared by Tala Ramadan and chosen to be her product at the Feminist School.

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